August 2019 - date

IFS Deaton Review, Panel Member

October 2019

WHO/UNICEF/Lancet Commission on Realigning Child Health for the Sustainable Development Goals Era

May 2015 - date

Ministry of Justice, Academic Advisory Group,

Data First Project




May 2020

The Anatomy of a Public Health Crisis: Household Responses During the Zika Epidemic in Brazil

How households respond to public health information in the midst of a pandemic.

July 2019

Do Apprenticeships Work?

Evidence from Uganda suggests that vocational training is more effective in tackling youth unemployment than apprenticeships

Prezzi Video (by Anna Vitali)

March 2020

What Works When for Early-childhood Interventions? Evidence from Nigeria

The impacts of an early childhood intervention providing households information and unconditional cash transfers.

July 2017

Autonomy, Incentives, and the Effectiveness of Bureaucrats

Bureaucratic output is negatively associated with monitoring and incentive schemes but positively associated with the autonomy of mid-level...

September 2019

Empowering Adolescent Girls in Sierra Leone Under the Ebola Crisis

In the midst of the Ebola crisis an
empowerment programme acts as a shield for adolescent girls

June 2017

Labour Markets and Poverty in Village Economies

Programme to provide ultra-poor women in Bangladesh with livestock assets suggests one-off interventions can be effective in fighting extreme poverty


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